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    Roberto P

    Card Reader Connection Failed Error: 

    Check that the card reader's communication type is set to Bluetooth. See instructions below.

    • Type in 0003
    • Select Communication Type
    • Select Bluetooth
    • Yellow to return to Admin Menu
    • Yellow to save and reboot
    • Select Yes
    • Allow Reader to reboot as normal
    • Force close talech app
    • Pair Reader as normal
    • Re-Test


    Not Seeing a Bluetooth Icon?

    Follow the instructions below to turn on Bluetooth.

    • To turn on Bluetooth, press 0003 to open the Admin Menu.
    • Open Bluetooth settings by selecting 3
    • Turn Bluetooth on by selecting 1, press the red X to exit the admin menu

    Firmware Update:  Now that your Card Reader is paired, before starting to make any transactions with your Customers it is recommended to update the Firmware of your reader beforehand. Please know this Firmware Update can take up to 20 mins to complete the update.

    • You can do a test payment and you will be prompted to update your Reader.
    • Or it will automatically occur when you try to do a New Payment in talech Register. 

    NOTEAs the update is taking place Please refrain from using the iPad/phone or card reader in the meantime. If the update is disturbed it can damage the firmware. 

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